Thesis Titles List, Contoh Judul Tesis

1. Problems of Asylum Seeking in Poland

2. Collective Identity of the 'True' Polish Woman Viewed as a Creation of the Twentieth

3. Century Political and Social Developments
European Security and Defense Policy and the Post-Modern Security Agenda prof.

4. The Diversification of the Polish Natural Gas Market in an Enlarged European

5. Non-governmental Development Cooperation in an Enlarged European Union

6. Dynamics of the Unofficial Economy. A Study of the Unofficial Economy and its Existence in Poland

7. An Existentialist Interpretation of the Holocaust

8. "I Wish I Knew You Better": An Analysis of Representing the Holocaust in Popular

9. Revival and Development: The Former Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland

10. Pop Music and Self-Identity: Interactions and Investigations in Poland prof.

11. Miscommunication Between Western Consultants and Polish Business Decision-Markers

12. Belated Victimhood: Fitting the German Opferdiskurs into the Debate over a Center against Expultions

13Creation and Expression of National identity through Belarusian Rock Music

14. Civil Society in Poland and the Middle East . A Self-limiting Revolution in the Arab World?

15. Polish Business Lobby after Accesion: On the Move to Brussels? dr J. Klich
National Self-Destruction: Ethnicity and the Consequences of the Treaty of Trianon

16. The War on Terrorism in light of transatlantic struggle for influence
Moving Towards a New Political Framework for the Basque Country: History and Analysis of Plan Ibarretxe

17. Analysis of the Nowe Miasto Project, based on Project Management theory

18. Transatlantic Relations Following September 11, 2001 prof. Andrzej Kapiszewski
Consequences of Poland's Membership in the European Union: Polish-Ukrainian Social Relations in the Context of Historical Experience, Instability of the Ukrainian State, and Russsian Influence

19. Teaching about The Holocaust in Catalonia dr Marek Kucia
This Little Revolution: The Papal Pilgrimage and Social Change, Pope John Paul II in Poland and Cuba

20. A Neo-Conservative Policy of Change Versus the Gradual Development of the Status Quo: An Examination of the Foreign Policy Differences of the United States and the European Union on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

21. Necessary Distractions: A Constructionist Approach to Trafficking in Women

22. Verifying Testimony of Auschwitz Death Camp Survivor Chil Zborowski: A Case Study in Research

23. Turkish Democracy: A Road Towards Islam? dr Barbara Podolak
The Use of Economic Instruments in Poland: Policy Development & Scope During Transformation

24. A Choice of Two Nations: A Study of the Divergence of Slovenia and Croatia, 1990-2004

25. An Assessment of Relations between the United States and Poland since World War II prof. dr hab. Andrzej Kapiszewski
Public Television in Poland: TVP's Role in the New Polish Media Landscape